Pavo dramatically changes the AgTech industry, using the most modern IoT + Blockchain platform for a powerful agricultural ecosystem. The company has the opportunity to revolutionize production and distribution activities, and is currently preparing to launch the public ICO


The Pavo platform solves many of the problems faced by distributors, suppliers and wholesalers when they interact with each other. The platform allows farmers to track and manage costs and optimize. Pavo also gives growers the opportunity to analyze and adapt optimal cultivation techniques and to measure and manage entire cultivation operations from anywhere in the world.

The Pavo technology is ahead of the competition because it covers the entire process, from seeds to consumers.

Pavo’s co-founder and vice president, Allan Young, said: “Combining cutting-edge IoT and Blockchain technologies, together with our extensive plant growing experience, we support the farming ecosystem focusing on high-tech crop, distribution and processing. We provide high IoT efficiency and Blockchain transparency at every stage of the agricultural cycle. ”

While banking and credit cards are a hindrance when it comes to transaction processing for hemp sales due to various jurisdictional restrictions, Pavo provides the platform, pharmacies and wholesalers that legally grow cannabis on which a problem-free and secure payment processing process will take place.

Pavo chose ICOBox with a SaaS solution for companies implementing their ICO to lead their marketing.

Advance sale starts on March 15, 2018, and the minimum purchase amount is $ 10,000 (for individuals).

Token Generation (TGE) for PavoCoin, starts on April 12, 2018, and runs until May 11, 2018, sales start at 0.80 cents per token with decreasing 5% rebates every week until the price reaches $ 1 per unit. TGE has a capital of USD 65 million.

More information about PavoCoin can be found on the website