After a period of continuous growth, ETH and BTC prices have recently undergone significant fluctuations, with the Bitcoin price reaching over USD 19,773 on December 17, 2017, before falling to US $ 14,129 on December 31, 2017, and then to around USD 10,654 (according to the BitCoin CoinDesk price index). In connection with the continuing increase in crypto currency prices in 2017, before the adjustment in January 2018, Many ICO felt the need to lower prices of their tokens to overtake the market. For example, SocialMedia.Market announced that it is going to do so to attract potential new tokens and offer an advantage to existing ICO sponsors. The company updated the rigid limit of its project and established a more favorable ETH exchange rate for social tokens (SMT). This step is likely to also increase the interest in the ICO of the blockchain based influenza marketing platform, which is due to start on February 9, 2018.

The company has developed a platform to connect opinion leaders, bloggers, advertisers and agents, providing them with a secure tool to promote products or services, eliminating price uncertainty and enabling them to build transparent relationships. According to recent Mediakix research, this is a market with huge potential, and advertising spending is expected to increase from USD 1 billion to USD 10 billion in 2020.

Users need corporate tokens, SMTs, to access the full set of services on the platform. And the sooner you get the tokens, the better, as noted by the general director of SocialMedia.Market and founder Dmitry Shyshov: “Agencies and major advertisers will be able to buy tokens for less at an early stage of development of the platform at ICO and will thus be able to benefit from more favorable conditions for advertising campaigns and other platform services. ”

And now there are even more incentives to acquire tokens in the upcoming ICO, with a conversion rate of 700 SMT to 2500 SMT for ETH and a fixed limit reduced to 16,000 ETH. At the same time, Shуshov assured that the first ICO sponsors will not lose: “We appreciate the support of our early players who joined us during the presale. Therefore, we decided to provide them with additional tokens based on the updated exchange rate and the current market status. Tokens will be recalculated at a rate of 3.75. So, every 1000 tokens purchased during the pre-sale will increase to 3750 after accommodation. ”

After ICO, the company plans to promote the platform through an influencer advertising, thus demonstrating its overriding faith in the platform. It is also planned to implement a global marketing program on the platform to provide training programs for influencers marketing for bloggers, advertisers and novice marketers, and enter into partnership agreements with advertising agencies and popular bloggers.

The modified ICO company token price and future plans were immediately supported by ICOBox, the technical, legal and marketing partner of SocialMedia.Market, and its co-founder Nick Evdokimov comments: “The monumental increase in cryptocurrencies is a unique challenge for the ICO market. In order to remain competitive, projects need to closely monitor cryptocurrency prices. The step taken by SocialMedia.Market is very topical and says a lot about their insight and commitment. ”

The beta version of SocialMedia.Market is expected to appear in early February, and the sale of tokens will start on February 9 and will last until March 16, 2018. The company also offers additional incentives through an innovative affiliate program that allows all participants to secure a 5% reward from all SMTs acquired by their referrals by sharing referrals with friends and observers. Referrals will also be entitled to a 3% bonus for purchased tokens. The recommendation program will function until the sale of the token.