HomePod costs 349 euros – official launch on June 18 in Germany

Apple HomePod costs 349 euros and will be available from 18 June in Germany, France and Canada. This Apple has today announced the launch of his smart speaker for three other countries.

HomePod starts on June 18 in Germany – 349 euros

In the course of the afternoon was already known that the HomePod will launch on June 18th in Germany, France and Canada. However, Apple had not yet called the official euro sales price. This is changing now.

Apple HomePod will be available in Germany for the price of 349 euros. Thus, Apple takes on his speaker the dollar price 1: 1. At the same time, it should even be considered that the dollar price without local tax and the euro price including VAT is mentioned. Therefore, we consider the 349 euros as a real good price for the HomePod.

Apple describes the HomePod as follows

HomePod sets a new standard for hearing quality in small speakers, combining Apple-developed audio technologies and advanced software to deliver high-fidelity sound and wide, spacious sound space. HomePod has a large woofer designed by Apple for rich, clean bass, a proprietary array of seven directional tweeters that provide pure high-frequency acoustics with precise directional control, and powerful technologies to preserve the rich detail and original recording intent.


With an A8 chip in each speaker, each HomePod is able to play its own audio channel – left or right – while separating the direct from the indirect sound. This innovative stereo sound provides a vast, almost three-dimensional sound space for an incredible listening experience anywhere in the room. A HomePod stereo pair produces room-filling sound with better bass extension, resulting in a more accurate reproduction of low frequencies.

Whether there will be a presale, we do not explicitly mention. However, we assume that online sales and local store sales will start on June 18 at the same time.

iOS 11.4 is released today

At the same time, Apple announced that Apple will release iOS 11.4 today. The update not only improved iPhone and iPad, but also brings new features to the HomePod. Among other things, there is talk of stereo pairs as well as multi-room via AirPlay 2. Just like iPhone and iPad, HomePod can communicate with other AirPlay 2-enabled speakers as they become available, allowing Siri to enjoy music playback through Bang & Olufsen speakers. Bluesound, Bose, Bowers & Wilkins, Denon, Libratone, Marantz, Marshall, Naim, Pioneer or Sonos.

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