ICOBox , the world’s leading provider of SaaS solutions AND WHAT and Kelta, mine kryptowalutowa , they announced the suspension of cooperation


From the moment of signing the contract with ICOBox in the process of finalizing the product before it was marketed, the Kelt team realized the need for some improvements that would require more time. As a result, the company decided to postpone the sale of its tokens and to cease cooperation with ICOBox until the offer is fully publicly available.

We are pleased that the Kelty team has decided to devote extra time to make sure that their product is fully ready Ultimately, it brings benefits to the community: do not we all prefer quality to quantity? We wish the team good luck in their work – Nick said Evdokimov , co-founder ICOBox .

ICOBox would like to apologize to tokens holders for any inconvenience related to this situation. We know that the community was eagerly awaiting a new project based on Blockchainie but we are determined to market only the best, reliable and promising products and services, and we are sure that it is Kelta who will present this offer to us in the near future.