Apple introduces watchOS 5: new powerful activity and communication features

watchOS 5 is here, at least Apple has given today as part of the WWDC Keynote a first look at the upcoming watchOS 5 update, which will release in the fall. Among other things, watchOS 5 offers new powerful activity and communication functions.

watchOS 5 offers many new features

Apple today gave a preview on watchOS 5. The upcoming update is designed to help users stay healthy and connected. Apple Watch becomes an even stronger companion for fitness, communication, and quick access to information with many new features such as activity sharing contests, automatic workout detection, advanced running features, walkie-talkie, Apple podcasts, and third-party applications on the Siri. dial.

Innovations around the topic sport

With watchOS 5 it will be possible to invite other Apple Watch users to a 7-day activity competition. Another innovation lies in the automatic recognition of training workouts. These features were requested by many users. For the most popular training on Apple Watch, the automatic workout detection provides a hint to start the proper training and gives a retrospective credit. This feature also provides a reminder to stop workouts after a period of inactivity if the user has forgotten them.

With yoga and hiking, two new workouts are available. These join the previous 12 other dedicated training types.

The running function of the Apple Watch is also improved with watchOS 5. A new pacing rate (steps per minute) for indoor and outdoor runs as well as a new tempo alarm for outdoor runs that alerts users when they are behind or ahead of the targeted pace are implemented. A brand new metric – Run Speed ​​- is introduced as an additional option for runners to see the pace of the instant mile in addition to the average or current pace.

Walke Talkie feature comes on the Apple Watch

Everyone knows walkie talkies or radios. You press the Talk button and your message arrives at the counterpart in real time. Such a feature brings watchOS 5 with it. The new clock-to-watch connection is a fun and easy way to get in touch with friends and family quickly, and can be activated between all compatible Apple Watch users worldwide via Wi-Fi or mobile.

Siri, podcasts, advanced messages, student cards

The Apple Podcasts App ends up on the Apple Watch, and a new feature for developers makes it possible to sync music, audiobooks, and meditation exercises from apps like Pandora, Audible, and 10% Happier to Apple Watch and play offline without the user’s iPhone in is near.

The Siri dial becomes an even better assistant thanks to machine learning. It now offers more predictive and proactive shortcuts during the day, based on routines, locations and information such as heart rate after a workout, time spent commuting with maps at the appropriate time of day, or sports scores from a favorite team. The Siri dial will also display content from popular third-party apps such as Nike + Run Club, Glow Baby or Mobike.

Student IDs can be stored in the Wallet app, and third-party messages can be interactively controlled and used without having to open the application: For example, a Yelp reservation message can include the time, or number of guests directly from the message to change out.


watchOS 5 Beta 1 is available today for registered developers. In autumn, the final version is available for everyone. watchOS 5 will not be available on the original Apple Watch.

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