Co-founder and strategist Fundstrat Tom Lee repeated his predictions, Bitcoin will reach 20,000, dollars to mid-year and 25,000 dollars by the end of the year. He also expects that at least three corporations will issue their own cryptocurrencies in 2018


Price forecast Lee repeats the comments he made at the beginning of January 2018, predicting that Bitcoin could “easily double its value” this year.

Despite the fact that BTC has almost halved since December 2017, Lee still maintains a forecast of 25,000 dollars for this year.

In his report, Lee also commented on the phenomenon of corporations creating internal cryptocurrencies, stating:

“Already three large companies have announced activities in which they intend to introduce a cryptocurrency, which shows that corporations can head towards cryptocurrencies before Wall Street accepts them.”

The Lee report also predicts that several large companies, such as Starbucks, Facebook and Amazon – none of which have yet entered the world of cryptocurrencies in a significant way – will probably introduce Blockchain technology this year.

Lee appealed to the chairman of the Starbucks board, suggesting the possibility of using Blockchain for consumer payment applications in the comments from February 27, and also hypothesized that both Facebook and Amazon could “announce a crypto-currencies strategy” this year. He speculated that if Facebook entered the stock exchange, it could reward users with tokens, not just the “shares” option

According to CNBC, Tom Lee is “the only serious strategist on Wall Street who makes formal Bitcoin target prices and which works well”