Rebtel is starting in Poland – the first free mobile operator

Rebtel, the world’s first telephone operator offering a free package, is starting in Poland. It used to be said that “for free, it died”. It seems, however, that in this case something was born completely free.

It is impossible to become a fact. In Poland, the first mobile operator in the world begins to provide its services, which offers its users a completely free package. In the title I wrote that it is a free operator and this is true, although you can (but do not have to) pay for additional “luxuries”. People who will be satisfied with unlimited text messages, unlimited conversations (including international calls) and an internet package in the amount of 1 GB, will not pay for using the Rebtel network a penny.

Sounds unbelievable? You must probably sign a cyrograph?

It sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. Cyrographs do not have to be signed. You do not have to sign absolutely any contract with the operator, but when you register your customer account on the Rebtel website it is necessary to assign a payment card to it. Rebtel network for free What are you paying for in Rebtel?

If you want to use the Internet more often and buy a larger data package, we will pay for it naturally. Top-up prices are:

– 1 GB – 7 zlotys
– 5 GB – 15 zlotys
– 20 GB – 25 zlotys
– 50 GB – 35 zlotys

The prices are not bad, especially for higher packages.

Who can use Rebtel? How do I order a Rebtel card?

Well, here is the famous “catch”. Initially, Rebtel will benefit only residents of Wrocław, who will have an invitation from one of the brand ambassadors or, after submitting the application on the Rebtel website, will receive them directly from the operator. Rebtel SIM cards can not be picked up at any point of sale.

The application for a free Rebtel card (universal SIM card, micro SIM / nano SIM) can be submitted here:

Apply for the Rebtel SIM card

PS Rebtel uses Polkomtel’s receivers, ie the Plus network, so there is nothing to worry about network coverage.

You take advantage? It is worth noting that Rebtel did not take completely out of nowhere. The Swedish company was founded in 2006 and is present on dozens of markets around the world. It offers low-cost international calls via the iOS and Android applications.

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