June 2018: Deutsche Telekom donates 300MB data volume to mobile subscribers

MagentaMobil customers of Deutsche Telekom have already had a look into the MagentaService App in recent months. Also this month there is a small 300MB present waiting for you again.

Deutsche Telekom again gives customers 300MB of data volume

At the start of the month of June, Deutsche Telekom is again offering a small gift for its mobile communications customers. Now you can secure 300MB LTE high-speed volume again. Sure, we do not have to discuss it. 300MB are certainly not the mass, but as a gift you take this bonus but happy.

Just like in the past months, this time the way leads through the MagentaService app. If you log in there, you will see your previously used data volume or the data volume, which is still available to you for the current month. Underneath you will find the reference to the gift. As soon as you click on it, you get the opportunity to take the 300MB.

Once you activate the gift, it will be used up first. Then it continues with the normal data volume.

magenta service
magenta service
magenta service
Developer: Telekom Germany GmbH
Price: Free

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