HomePod sales start in Germany on June 18th (official)

Apple has confirmed today that the HomePod sales start in Germany on June 18 is celebrated. In the near future German users will be able to order and use the Apple loudspeaker officially.

HomePod sales start in Germany on June 18th (official)

Since the end of January the HomePod can be ordered in the USA, Great Britain and Australia. The official launch took place on the 9th of February. Even back than Apple announced that the HomePod sales launch in Germany and France will take place during the spring.

Apple today officially opposed BuzzFeed confirms that the HomePod sales launch will take place in Germany, France and additionally in Canada on June 18th. Further information about the order start, price, etc. are not yet available. As soon as Apple announces this information, we will post.

In parallel, the report states that Apple will release iOS 11.4 including AirPlay 2 and StereoPairs for HomePod later this day.

update : Meanwhile, Apple has also confirmed by press release June 18 (a Monday) as a sales launch. A price is not yet available. Also not the information about a pre-order possibility.

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