Telekom StreamOn: from 01. June on board

Over a year ago, Deutsche Telekom launched StreamOn. This is a free tariff option that lets you use certain media apps without consuming your data. From the 1st of June the App will be on board.

Telekom StreamOn: on 01 June on board

Since launching StreamOn last year, Telekom has been adding new media apps month after month. Today we have a small view of the 01. June 2018 for you. Over the weekend, the app has been updated and in the release notes it says

StreamOn: As of 01.06.2018, StreamOn is a partner of Deutsche Telekom. Customers with the mobile option StreamOn Music from Telekom, listen to the radio via the app from 01.06.2018 without consuming your high-speed data volume.

Thus, you can soon use the with StreamOn, without the consumption is credited to your credit. The Telekom distinguishes between StreamOn Audio and StreamOn Video. StreamOn Audio is available as a free option from the MagentaMobil M or. MagentaMobil S Young contain. Incidentally, offers you access to 30,000 radio stations worldwide. This should be covered every taste of music.

We assume that will not be the only new provider that joins StreamOn on 01. June 2018. At the end of the month, Telekom will announce all its new partners. Once we have this, we will post.

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