This Kilauea volcano looks from space

One of the NASA satellites has managed to photograph the ongoing eruption of the Hawaiian volcano.

In the last few weeks, you’ve certainly seen many interesting pictures of the Kilauea volcano eruption. But have you seen any of her photographs taken from space? If not, now you have the opportunity.

The following photo was taken on Wednesday by one of the NASA satellites – Landsat-8, when it was located about 700 kilometers above the earth’s surface. The image contains data collected in the infrared from outside the visible range of waves and in the green light that we can see. The final photo was given a false color to emphasize what is visible on it.

Streaks glowing in the photo in red are fresh lava, which is around 1170 degrees Celsius. The violet color represents clouds, illuminated from below by this lava. Kilauea Images like these are a reminder to us how volcanic eruptions can change the shape of the surrounding landscape. Lava, which leaks from the Earth from around 3-kilometer-long slots, feeds massive channels that wind down to the ocean.

When lava enters the sea water, as it is in the case of lava flowing from the Kilauea volcano, it begins to cool down and build a new land. In this way, the Hawaii archipelago was created for millions of years.

I wonder how long Kilauea will spit lava. Increased volcano activity has been present since the beginning of May.

Source: NASA

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