Apple works on secret “Star” project: Mac with ARM chip, touch screen and LTE?

What’s next? The iPhone is now over ten years old, the first iPad was introduced over eight years ago, the Apple Watch can also be bought for several years and the HomePod landed earlier this year on the shelves ( Germany start in spring ) On which new projects does Apple work? One of these projects is rumored to be named “Star”. What exactly this is, but can only be speculated.

What is “Star”?

In 1981, Xerox launched the “Xerox Star”. From today’s point of view, it could be said that it was the device that we would call a computer. 30 years later, Apple is now working on a device that is codenamed “Star”. Interestingly, the model name is N84. It could be the first Mac with ARM processors or the first iOS notebook.

Since 2006, Apple is using the Mac on Intel processors. Since 2010, Apple has installed its own A processors on the iPhone and iPad. Just recently, the rumor surfaced that Apple works on a Mac with its own processors , This should come on the market in 2020 at the earliest.

The colleagues of 9to5Mac For some months now, we have heard something about a “Star” project. Currently, the underlying project is supposed to be in the prototype phase. The prototypes have been manufactured for several months by Apple’s manufacturing partner Pegatron in China. Initial prototypes have already been sent to Cupertino for Apple employees to test.

The information about Star is still quite rare. The device should have a touch display, a SIM card slot, GPS and a compass. In addition, it should be water protected and set to EFI (Extensive Firmware Interface). This is the boot system of the Mac. Is it the first Mac with ARM processors? In addition, the device is classified as a brand new device running a modification of iOS. ARM processors already support LTE and GPS, so Macs with ARM processors might be more different from Macs with Intel processors.

Rumors of future Apple products should be cautious. Behind closed doors, Apple certainly works on several new products, relying on hundreds of prototypes. It will certainly take months, if not years, to get to the final product. Until then, a product can still develop completely in another direction or the entire project can be pulped. Well, we can well imagine that Apple is actually working on a kind of Mac with its own processors to become more independent of Intel.

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