The Russian smuggles a smartphone into a prison and becomes a star of the internet … in Russia

To say that Russia is a state of mind did not come out of nowhere. Masha Andreeva became a celebrity by showing her life in … prison.

Nowadays, in order to become the idol of millions of people on the Internet, you do not have to make any effort. It’s enough to drink alcohol on streams, eat inedible things, or just be an idiot. In a rather original way, a Russian woman named Masha, who had “smuggled” her smartphone in jail, and through her portrayed her life in the Russian part of the network, fell into publicity. In the blink of an eye, she became a celebrity in Russia.

Masha Andreeva thanks to her smartphone can do almost anything. He asks his fans for cigarettes and candies that send me docilely to the prison address. Why? Ah, yes, I did not mention that Masha is quite beautiful and has at least two arguments for the imagination of hundreds of thousands of young Russians. Masha Andreeva Andreeva writes straight:

“She is currently in prison and I am guilty because I fell into bad company, if you can send me a packet with tea, sweets or cigarettes, I will repay you with my undressed photos.”

I know even at least one Polish internet service, which users would like to spill over with such gifts, in exchange for a few jigs. 😉 Masha Andreeva Russian woman reports life on the popular social network Vkontakte in Russia, which is the appropriate Facebook. Her profile is hidden and located at this address .

At the same time, it should be noted that Masha lives quite normally, and it is surrounded by really unkind girls who act on the internet like a magnet. We are very curious about how the Russian woman managed to get permission to take pictures in prison and put them online. The prison authorities know everything perfectly.

Below you will find a handful of Masha’s photos. What do you think about it? Better than #danielmagical, right? Masha Andreeva Masha Andreeva Masha Andreeva Masha Andreeva Masha Andreeva Masha Andreeva Masha Andreeva Masha Andreeva Masha Andreeva Masha Andreeva

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