Apple removes CallKit apps from the Chinese App Store

After Apple in China all VPN apps from the App Store had to remove , it is now applications that use the CallKit framework, the collar. The measure is a response to regulation by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies.

No CallKit apps in China

Apple is currently notifying developers who offer apps in China with CallKit integration. So it is said that apps in China may not offer CallKit functionality due to legal regulations. Thus, the developers have to remove the CallKit features or alternatively, the app can be completely removed from the App Store.

As 9to5Mac The Chinese government is concerned that CallKit may allow users to avoid censorship and surveillance. Basically, this is not a new government regulation. However, the relevant Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is likely to have increased pressure on companies. Last year, Skype was removed from the Chinese App Store. The popular communication application WeChat supported the CallKit integration for a short time, only to be removed shortly thereafter.

It is no secret that the Chinese government wants to have more control over the usage behavior of information technologies. Even if Apple in this regard in the past indirectly criticism The company accepts the laws of other countries and reacts accordingly. Apple was forced to remove VPN applications from the App Store in China last summer to comply with local laws.


CallKit was introduced in iOS 10 as a way for developers to integrate call services with other call-related applications. Among other things, individual contacts can be linked to specific apps, so that, for example, you can call a specific contact by default via WhatsApp. Another advantage is that users of CallKit applications no longer have to ensure that they have to manually open their VoIP app after prolonged non-use to ensure functionality. Soon, the app “FRITZ! App Fon” will benefit from the framework.

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