Saturn stores are disappearing from Poland – as if

No more with the Saturn brand in Poland. All Saturn stores will be replaced by stores “not for idiots”.

Really few consumers have so far realized that the Saturn and Media Markt stores have the same owner. This is the decision he made to withdraw from running the Saturn brand. What is the reason for such a move? It is known that it is about money. Here’s what’s written in the statement:

“Both of our brands have gained the confidence of Polish consumers, as evidenced by high positions in consumer research and rankings.” We have seen that the time has come to use this asset and join forces of both brands. MediaMarkt has been present in Poland for 20 years so much longer than Saturn, which is why we focused on the brand that is most deeply rooted in the minds of Poles ” – explains Marcin Rosati, president of MediaMarktSaturn Polska.

Thus, 22 large-scale Saturn stores disappear from Poland, and Media Markt stores will replace them. It is not known what the fate of Saturn Connect will meet, but it seems that these simply disappear from shopping malls and will be replaced with other stores.

The owner will also integrate both websites, which will be conducted, of course, under the domain of MediaMarktSaturn Polska counts on increasing ranges and improving sales statistics on the web. The website has been visited twice a month by two times more Internet users than the website. Interestingly, it happened despite the advantage of Media Markt stores (a total of 63 outlets). Customers often chose Saturn stores, arguing that they had slightly lower prices.

Transformation will start later this month and will last until September this year. For employees, this is only to change the company.

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