A giant whale saved a diving woman from attack … a shark

It seems that giant mammals living in the oceans are not indifferent to our lives, or at least in the face of a shark attack.

Have you ever seen Jaws? If so, probably you are a bit afraid of what may be hidden in the depths, like many other people who have seen this movie. As it turns out, many of our allies live in the oceans. A certain marine biologist – Nan Hauser – snorkeled near the Cook Islands when an unexpected friend came to her rescue. Not knowing that a giant tiger shark is approaching her, she and her team managed to capture the moment in which life saved her whale, and more specifically – the humpback whale.

When a mammal weighing over 22 thousand kilos approached Hauser for the first time, this naturally panicked.

“I was not sure of the whale’s intentions when he got closer to it. This one did not stop pushing me for more than 10 minutes. “Well, a good-natured whale placed Hauser under his big pectoral fin, and even tried to push it over the water with the help of his head, abdomen or back. Why? Well, after a few minutes, Hauser finally noticed a shark in the distance, and was surprised to find that the humpback would probably save her.

Interestingly, when Hauser finally found herself in her boat, the whale surfaced to see if it was safe.

“It’s funny how the roles have reversed: I’ve spent the last 28 years protecting the whales, and I did not realize immediately that they protect me!” Hauser joked. Scientists have recorded humpbacks that protect their young, seals or dolphins in a similar way, but the marine biologist believes that it has never been noticed before the whale did the same for humans.

We hope, however, that this was not an isolated case. Thanks to such whales, we could feel a bit safer in oceanic waters.

Source: Laughing Squid

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