Download My Little Princess: Fairy Forest

Download My Little Princess: Fairy Forest

Welcome to Little Princess: Fairy Forest, its a magical forest just waiting for you to explore. Play with the forest fairies, discover all the animals, see the trees. Little Princess: Fairy forest is an imagination where every thing is possible. With lots of fun and lots of kids.

Over 20,000,000 kids play our games worldwide!

Why Do Parents Like Our Games.
Little princess fairy forest dollhouse game has everything kids love. First, do not have any rules in the game, what kid likes rules? The game is pure imaginative fun, your kids will have a blast playing with this amazing digital dollhouse set. Dressup the little princess with lots of different clothing and costumes. Enjoy artistic and creative play elements. Guaranteed hours and hours of pure fun.

* Easy enough for a 4 year old to play with, Exciting enough for 12 years old to enjoy! *

Game features:
– Fully connects to other little princess games
– 12 new locations to explore the Little Brothers Garden and lots of birds.Pretty little fairy garden, treehouse, shops and more!
– Awesome new characters you can move around other little princess games.
– Over 300 different accessories, clothing, plants and magical rocks.
– No Rules, No Stress. Pure imagination fun.
– No 3rd Party Ads, No IAP, Free Updates and upgrades coming soon!

Create your own fairy tale, Play as you wish, do what you want to do, interact with what you love. It’s that simple!

Recommended Age Group
This game is suitable for all ages, especially for 4-12 years old. Older kids can play alone while you, as a parent, can play with your 4-6 years old child. Game supports multitouch for your convenience.

We Make Games That Kids Want To Play
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