Study: Apple is the 12th most prestigious brand in China

Apple has not always had it easy in China. Especially the cheaper manufacturers made it difficult for the company to celebrate success. Currently, however, is starting positive trend noticeable, which gives Apple’s position in China a boost. However, there is still room for improvement, according to a study that has established the reputation of 100 international companies among the Chinese population. Apple was able to secure the 12th place here.

Chinese customers trust Huawei

Again South China Morning Post The Reputation Institute in China surveyed 30,000 consumers to determine the reputation of international companies. Chinese consumers were asked to rate the companies for trust, appreciation, admiration and good feeling. The average of these ratings is the result of each company.

Overall, Apple received a rating of 69.7 and finished 12th. Compared with Huawei (72.5), Chinese customers consider the Chinese manufacturer as “2x more authentic” than Apple, securing second place. In addition, Huawei exceeds transparency requirements and sets itself apart from the crowd. But Apple must not be beaten only by Chinese competitors. Nokia (70.4) and Google (71) are in favor of the Chinese in front of Apple. Microsoft (69.7) is on a par with Apple. The leader in the top 100 is Intel with 73.6 points.

As the Institute notes, Apple’s reputation suffered from some suicides from the supply chain nearly six years in a row. In 2012, supplier Foxconn fell victim to a series of mysterious deaths. The conspicuous suicide series also threw a bad light on the bulk buyers of electronics products. Apple responded to the circumstances by providing psychologists and reinforcing controls on its contract manufacturers. Foxconn received an average rating of 67.6 in the study.

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