World of Tanks is evolving – get 1 of 500 codes and check what’s new

World of Tanks has been one of the most popular online games for years Wargaming he does a lot to keep surprising fans and encourage new players to check what he offers. The good news for today is that we have to give away 500 invitation codes and 100 bonus codes – the principle is simple: first come, first served!

Get the invite code or bonus code for World of Tanks

If you do not have an account on the Wargaming platform yet, we have additional motivation to set one up. Each of the 500 invitation codes is 7 days of premium account, light American Locust tank and garage space.

Download the game code

If you’re already playing World of Tanks, you can get a bonus code that will give you a Soviet Army Churchill III tank, garage space, and a 5x + 200% bonus to the crew’s experience of one hour.

the codes will appear soon

Codes are active until June 30, and information on how to activate them, you can find here .

What’s new in World of Tanks?

In March it was held World of Tanks 1.0 premiere one of the biggest updates that brought with it improved graphics, improved physics and refreshed music. Recently also the Mods Center was launched and earlier this month an Italian tank tree appeared .

The latest news, however, is that tanks from the Warhammer 40,000 universe have arrived in the world of World of Tanks. They are: heavy KV-2 (R) Valhallan Ragnarok (whose strengths are: firepower, shield and speed) and BDR G1 B with a Mordian stylistic set.

Source: Wargaming

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