New Samsung Galaxy S9 commercial taunts iPhone 6

Samsung’s marketing department was once again really uncreative. Already in recent years, the South Korean manufacturer has repeatedly buttoned Apple and pulled various Apple products through the cocoa. This time, the iPhone 6 gets its fat in combination with the battery management.

New Samsung commercial is kidding iPhone 6 and battery management

In recent years, Samsung has repeatedly tried to tease the iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy S9 also joins this long series of creative commercials.

We certainly do not need to discuss Apple’s communication regarding the performance management of older devices at this point. That was anything but perfect for Apple. Samsung is now picking up on the fact that under certain conditions, Apple throttles the performance of older iPhone models to prevent an unexpected shutdown of the devices and to avoid voltage surges.

In the Samsung Galaxy S9 commercial, of course, everything seems as if the iPhone 6 is in any way a lame duck and there is almost no other way out than to switch to the new Galaxy S9. As a reminder, the iPhone 6 came on the market in 2014.

Somehow a ridiculous commercial of Samsung. The only bright spot is the guy with the “Notch” hairstyle. This already appeared in an older Samsung commercial , We are curious when Samsung also sets on a display recess. Samsung has made fun of iPhone features several times, and then introduced them a year later.

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