Climate and humor – that’s how Moonlighter looks on each of the platforms

Digital Sun and 11 bit studios decided to give proof that they love all players the same, no matter what devices they give themselves to the game. This is the latest trailer of the Moonligher game, which will debut on the market before the end of this month.

Let’s start with what Moonlghter is. Well, this is a “croissant” action RPG, whose protagonist is a simple simple shopkeeper with only one desire: to become a hero. The game is based on developing your own activity, creating and enchanting items, fighting various enemies and learning the next chapters of stories about other worlds and dimensions.

Priced $ 20 “turkey” on May 29 will go to PCs and consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and a bit later it will also reach Nintendo Switch . All four versions have been described and compared on the latest trailer, which you can watch below (by the way: it’s worth watching even if you do not like this type of production).

Moonlighter – trailer and version comparison:

If you were surprised by the 11 bit studios in the introduction, we are eager to explain that this team apart from creating your own productions (such as brilliant This War of Mine and intriguing Frostpunk ) also deals in the publishing of independent games. One of the earlier ones was (quite successful) Beat Cop – Polish tribute to Dirty Harry and the company.

Source: 11 bit studios

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