YouTube is testing new incognito mode for mobile apps

Incognito mode has become a standard feature for many applications and programs in recent years. As Android Police YouTube will be the next application to extend its arsenal of privacy features with an incognito option.

Incognito but not invisible

As the Android specialists note, YouTube has previously given users the ability to mask their search for some time by either disabling logging in the privacy settings or simply logging out. However, this should now be much easier with a simple switch. At least the option has already been unlocked for the Android app.

The accompanying description states:

“If you leave incognito or become inactive, your activity will be deleted from this session. Your activity may still be visible to your employer, school or internet service provider. ”

As the popup hint shows, incognito mode does not really mask the user’s online activity. It only prevents the smartphone or tablet from recording web sites or videos.

It is not yet known when Google intends to provide incognito mode to all users of the free YouTube app. The option is already included in the Chrome web browser for iOS and the Google app.

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