The co-chair of JPMorgan, Jerry Pinto, confirmed that the bank is observing cryptocurrencies


In a conversation during two interviews, Pinto said that JPMorgan is able to trade BTC-based futures, but has not yet decided.

“We deal with this space. I have no doubt that technology will play an important role in one way or another, “he replied when asked about trade in Bitcoin-based products.

The neutral position of Pinto supports slightly mixed signals about cryptocurrencies in investment banking.

Despite the ban on buying cryptocurrencies using credit cards, senior management in this once infamous Dimon spoke differently about the beneficial aspects of Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies.

Pinto also sees the future of the economy taking into account the aspects that arose when including crypto-currency into the mainstream.

“Tokenization of the economy is real to me,” he continued. Cryptocurrencies are true, but not in their present form. “He also added that JPMorgan is working intensively on the integration of Blockchain.