Great (?) Return of motorcycles – RIDE 3 on the way

Lovers of two wheels will finally receive a realistic – both in terms of graphics and the driving model – racing game . Team Milestone she announced that RIDE 3 is being made and will be handed over to the players before the end of this year.

The first two editions of the RIDE series failed to convince the players and reviewers, and thus exceeded the threshold of 7/10. The “three” is supposed to be different, among others thanks to improved artificial intelligence, a better collision system and refined physics.

RIDE screen 2

The advantage of the RIDE 3 game is also to be a wide selection of motorcycles (a total of over 230 machines from 7 categories) and parts (of which there will be over half a thousand, which can be used to modify two-wheelers). The route, in turn, will be 30 and each of them has to have a distinctly different characteristic.

RIDE screen 1

For the first time in the RIDE series, a day / night cycle will appear. There will also be naturally dynamically changing weather conditions. As for the modes, the Milestone team does not reveal much, but you can definitely expect a career and multiplayer mode.

RIDE screen 3

According to what can be seen at the end of the following, not too long trailer, the game RIDE 3 aims at PCs and consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . In all three versions, it is due to debut on November 11 this year.

RIDE 3 – the first trailer of the game

Source: TheSixthAxis, Dark Side of Gaming, Milestone

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