G-Sync 4K HDR – dream screens later this month on sale

Monitors G-Sync 4K HDR is probably one of the biggest dreams of computer players … unfortunately, it remains unfulfilled. Although the first such models were presented at the beginning of last year, but their premiere it was delayed . It seems, however, that the new structures will finally go on sale.

What’s so special about new monitors? First of all, the use of 4K HDR matrix with 144 Hz refresh, which additionally supports the Nvidia G-Sync image synchronization function. This combination should give an amazing gaming experience (which will probably be appreciated by the most fanatical followers of the PC Master Race philosophy :)).

The information about the store premiere, in an interview with KitGuru service, was confirmed by Nvidia – the first such monitors are expected to be available for sale later this month. It is known that three such models will appear on the market: ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ . Acer Predator X27 and AOC Agon 3 AG273UG (according to our information, the third one will appear a bit later – only at the end of the year).

Acer Predator X27

The prices of new monitors have not yet been confirmed, but certainly only a few will be able to afford such models. However, this is not all, because a smooth 4K 144 Hz image display also requires a suitably efficient (and therefore expensive) computer. Well, no one has said that making dreams come true will be cheap …

Source: KitGuru, inf. own

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