Core i3-8121U – Intel officially presents the first 10 nm Cannon Lake processor

No more publicity and noisy announcements. Intel officially introduced Core i3-8121U processor to the offer, the first 10-nm model Cannon Lake . What does the new unit offer?

8121U is a low voltage model that will mainly be used in laptops (eg model Lenovo IdeaPad 330-15 ) and miniature computers (eg a new model Intel NUC ).

The processor has been equipped with 2 cores with HT technology (4 threads), which work as standard with 2.2 GHz, and in Turbo Boost 2.0 mode they can accelerate to 3.2 GHz. In addition, a 2-channel DDR4-2400 / LPDDR4 / x-2400 memory controller has been made available, 4 MB of third-level cache and a controller with 16 PCI-Express 3.0 lines. Interestingly, the manufacturer does not mention anything about the integrated graphics (it is unknown whether it is oversight or simply does not exist).

Model Intel Core i3-8109U Intel Core i3-8121U Intel Core i3-8130U
Generation Coffee Lake-U
14 nm
Cannon Lake-U
10 nm
Kaby Lake-U
14 nm
Cores / Threads 2/4 2/4 2/4
Timing / Turbo 3.0 / 3.6 GHz 2.2 / 3.2 GHz 2.2 / 3.4 GHz
L3 memory 4 MB 4 MB 4 MB
Memory controller DDR4-2400
LPDDR4 / x-2400
Graphics Iris Plus Graphics 655 UHD Graphics 620
PCIe 3.0 lines 16 16 12
TDP 28 W
(cTDP 20W)
15W 15W
(cTDP 10W)

Core i3-8121U does not belong to performance daemons. In the Cinebench R15 test, he obtains about 269 points, which places him roughly at the Core i3-6100U level from the aged Skylake generation. For the Core i3-8130U model, it still lacks a lot (it gets about 340 points with the same TDP).

It is worth adding that introducing a new model to the offer is quite a surprise, because mass production of 10-nanometer processors is expected only at the beginning of next year. Maybe we are dealing with the so-called paper premiere?

Source: Intel

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