Apple vs. Samsung: dispute over iPhone copy goes into the next round

This week, Apple and Samsung will again clarify a dispute in court. This time, though, it’s about an old case. In 2012, a court ruled that Samsung had copied the iPhone design. Due to these patent infringements Samsung should pay damages. However, the companies are disagreeing when it comes to the amount of the payment, which is now up for debate again.

Samsung wants to pay less

Apple and Samsung went to court yesterday for a patent dispute that began in 2011. The matter seemed to be resolved in 2012, when a panel of judges found that Samsung had actually infringed patents for a smartphone design and consequently had to pay $ 1 billion in damages. However, Samsung appealed, after which the sum was reduced to $ 339 million.

Even if Samsung paid the sum, the group was not satisfied with this verdict and brought the case before the Supreme Court of the United States. He decided that the revised damage was indeed still too high. However, it was noted that the amount should be decided again in the district court. This case is now being negotiated.

A question of perspective

After Samsung ended its opening statement in the current case, Apple brought its first witness to the booth, vice president of product marketing, Greg Joswiak. Here he explained that the design of the iPhone is central to Apple and that the development was a great risk. While Joswiak showed the jury photos of Apple products, he went on to say that Steve Jobs made the company what it is today. Jobs was particularly important to design and innovation.

As the lawyers of Apple confirm, the design is a fundamental factor of an Apple product. Why the damages should be based on the full value of the iPhone. Samsung, on the other hand, argues that you should pay a smaller amount that is based only on part of the value of the iPhone. ( via CNET )

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