Apple Car: Apple is expanding its fleet of self-driving cars

Apple’s autonomous vehicle program is one of the biggest secrets in the technology industry. While the company has not confirmed anything in this regard, information about the project has sporadically leaked in recent years. Now, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has confirmed that Apple has increased its vehicle permits.

Apple gives gas

Apple has loud MacRumors 55 autonomous vehicles on the road, which can be driven by a total of 83 drivers. In March, there were 45 vehicle permits. Since April last year, Apple has been continuously expanding its fleet to test software for autonomous vehicles.

For its software tests, Apple uses the Lexus RX450h Sport Utility Vehicle, which is equipped with modern LIDAR equipment and a range of cameras. While fully autonomous driverless vehicles can now be tested on public roads in California, Apple does not yet have this approval, so safety drivers must be present in all vehicles.

The Apple Car

Rumors of Apple’s work in the car industry first surfaced in 2015 when the company hired a variety of automotive experts to explore the possibilities of an electric vehicle developed by Apple. These plans were not implemented and so took over in 2016, the longtime Apple manager Bob Mansfield the tax. Since then, Apple has focused on developing software for self-driving cars.

Currently, it is not known what Apple intends to do with this software. It is conceivable that you want to work with other car manufacturers and provide the necessary software for autonomous driving. The topic of a self-developed car is not completely off the table, according to various rumors. You may decide to develop a suitable car at a later date. It is also possible that some of the researched features will be introduced in more advanced versions of CarPlay. With the regular increase in its fleet, it is at least evident that Apple is making progress in the development, so we can be curious what the self-driving future brings.

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