Speculation: 6.1-inch LCD iPhone comes in the colors blue, yellow and pink

Generally it is expected that Apple this year will launch three new iPhone models , In addition to a direct iPhone X successor and a larger plus model, Apple could present a cheaper 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, which is modeled after the iPhone X design. An analyst estimates that the LCD model could come in bright colors on the market.

Comes the 6.1 inch LCD iPhone in bright colors

Analyst Jun Zhang von Rosenblatt assume it that Apple wants to distinguish the lower-priced model visually from the other smartphones. One possibility is in the color selection. The analysis estimates it

Rose leaf analyst Jun Zhang said Apple, in an attempt to target the younger consumer market, could launch multiple colors for the iPhone 8S (LCD model), including blue, yellow, and pink, during the second half of this year


“Since Apple is starting to launch three new models every year, we believe the company needs to differentiate the designs of the LCD model from the two high end OLED models,” he comments. “One reasonable choice would be to add different colors.”

We believe that the analyst’s statement is a pure speculation that is not based on any “real” findings. Already with the iPhone 5C Apple offered the device or the housing in many different colors. Actually a great device, but the selling price of the iPhone 5C was in our eyes about 100 euros too high. Whether Apple offers the 2018er LCD iPhone in bright colors, remains to be seen.

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