Is a smartphone signed with the Asus ROG series?

Fashion for “gaming phones” has come. Razer is gradually selling such a device, and soon it will be joined by Asus with the ROG series.

The “Republic of Gamers” series does not need to be rearranged by anyone who is at least familiar with the world of gaming. So far, there have been components and computer accessories designed for players, and soon Asus will expand the offer by the smartphone industry.

In it, Asus has a lot of experience. Asus Zenfone has been offering the market for years with greater and lesser success in terms of sales. Soon the offer will be joined by a new series signed as Asus ROG and they will be special phones dedicated to players.

Nothing is known about the specifications of the first device, but the use of an 8-core Snapdragon 845 processor and 8 GB of RAM should be considered. On board we will certainly find WiFi with the newest standard, minimum 64 GB for files with the possibility of extension, very good front camera for streamers, and the whole will work on Android 8.1. It is possible that Asus will offer a 120 Hz refresh screen to fight for Razer Phone customers.

The premiere of the device is expected on June 5 at Computex 2018.

source: phonearena

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