Do you remember RAGE? Production of id Software will be continued [ACTS]

The leaks associated with the upcoming E3 2018 are coming to us soon. The last of them is the merit of the Canadian store Walmart, which in all likelihood spoiled the plans of at least a few publishers. Bethesda however, she reacted quickly.

The aforementioned store has put in its offer a few games that have not been announced yet. These include Borderlands 3, Just Cause 4, the new Splinter Cell and RAGE 2. All these productions were prepared as surprises at E3 2018. Usually in this type of cases, producers and publishers do not comment, but Bethesda decided to make an exception and it came out to her really good.

Instead of a boring statement, the publisher decided to revise the product card provided by Walmart. It turns out that there were a lot of mistakes – a confused font, an incorrect cover and no age category marking. The post was on the official RAGE profile, it was also made available on the official publisher’s profile (on twitter).

Let us remind you that RAGE is already several years old, the game debuted in October 2011. Although it has not been called a big hit, many players remember it very warmly.

At E3 2018 we need to know the specifics about the continuation, perhaps we will see the first video materials. It is difficult to assume that production will be undertaken by a different team than id Software.

UPDATE, 11/05/2018

Bethesda follows the blow. Through social media portals, he regularly publishes more graphics. Some of them seem to relate to the date of May 14 – 5:14 on the clock and the designation 5-14 on the rocket. Others show a crowded city, where people stand out among the crowds that would fit perfectly into the RAGE climate. Attention is also paid to the Anarchy Tours poster (RAGE could be purchased in the Anarchy Edition, anarchist symbols also appeared in the game).

Everything seems to suggest that RAGE 2 will be presented on May 14. Bethesda very skillfully comes out of all the confusion, and the earlier announcement of the game can get out of it for good. On E3 2018 there will be a number of other new products and it will be harder to break through.

Source: twitter – RAGE

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