Black dot crashes iMessage, WhatsApp and Co.

This day haunts a black dot through the Internet that crashes various messenger services, such as iMessage and WhatsApp. Both iPhone and Android devices seem to be betoken.

Black dot crashes iMessage, WhatsApp and Co.

Actually, it’s not just a black dot that crashes your messenger, but a black dot framed by two parentheses and a finger next to it. For you there are only four characters, in the background, however, there are a number of Unicode characters that can no longer handle smartphones and thus crash.

So if you get such a message, you should avoid it best. If for whatever reason you have received and clicked on it and your device is on strike, there are several ways to get rid of the problem. Do you have an iPhone with 3D Touch, so you press, for example firmly on the iMessage icon, create a new message, go back to the chat overview and delete the conversation with the black dot. You can also use the Contacts app to select a contact, initiate a new message, and in the same way delete the conversation with the black dot.

In the past, strings have appeared repeatedly, the same way Crash a messenger or other app. We assume that Apple will soon provide an iOS update to combat the problem. As far as known, all versions of iOS 11.0 up to iOS 11.4 Beta 4 are affected.

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