The Deus Ex series has not died

Series Deus Ex she has been with us for many years, during which she won over a wide circle of sympathizers. Will they be able to enjoy the next page? Yes, but not in the near future.

It is no secret that the sale of Deus Ex released in 2016: The split of humanity turned out to be weaker than expected. In January there were reports of Eidos Montreal studio’s work on several projects (the most important one is currently new Tomb Raider ) and moving the Deus Ex cycle to the background. This does not mean the worst.

During an interview with Electric Playground, David Anofossi (CEO of Eidos Montreal) assured that Deus Ex would return. This is a brand that is very important for the whole team. One ought to respect her properly and, above all, need time and work to complete the created vision.

“Deus Ex is not dead. We just have to think about his future and do it best, with respect for the brand. ”

It’s hard to talk about particulars here, but for the biggest fans of Deus Ex, it’s certainly reassuring news. Interestingly, he spoke in a very similar tone not so long ago Yosuke Matsuda from Square Enix .

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