The Massive Attack team wants to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the famous Mezzanine album in a truly unique way. On this occasion, the band members decided to save 11 pieces of music in DNA. The album is to become one of the largest data files that have been stored in the genome.

The team of scientists from the Federal Polytechnic (ETH) in Zurich in Switzerland will help musicians to realize this amazing undertaking. They are real pioneers in this matter. Although the whole process will be very expensive and slow, the game of cotton is candle, because the “immortality” of the album is at stake.

Scientists plan to encode band’s music on 920,000 short DNA strands. After this process, the threads will be placed in 5,000 invisible glass beads, and in turn in a small bottle of water. Specialists believe that recorded music can last thousands of years.

The Mezzanine album premiered on April 20, 1998 and was the third in the band’s history. One of his hits was the song TearDrop, which you can listen to above.

Source: ETH Zurich / Photo Massive Attack / Colourbox / Caroline Laville