May at Showmax – new movies and series

Showmax is among the most popular “Internet television” in Poland. There are three main reasons why this is so: an attractive price list, high quality and good, constantly expanding catalog. What interesting movies and the series will debut in May? Let’s see!

What’s new at Showmax – premieres, May 2018

May 2018 at Showmax will bring, inter alia, the premieres of the following episodes of popular series, such as the President’s Ear (third season), Billions (the third season), Hand-drawn Tales (second season), The Corssing. Crossing, Raise the Voice or Science not very strict.

There will also be a completely new series – the first of them is a feature film extension of Vega, which recently went to theaters and received a quite warm reception: Mafia mares and the second Exorcist , that is, a new animated story by Bartosz Walaszek.

There will also be a natural update of the film library. May 1 will make their debut: (based on a series of sci-fi comics and created by Luc Besson) Valerian and the City of Thousand Planet (dramatic story about the strength of feeling) There is always time for love or (Polish history of two brothers – a romantic and party-goer) Ticket to the moon .

In May, high-profile comedies, such as Eggs in the tropics with Ben Stiller Bridesmaids , which is a feminine version of Hangover. Other new products are: G.I. Joe: Cobra time . Blue Valentine . renegades and Tenant and the whole set will be three David Lynch films: Lost highway . Head to wipe and Twin Peaks: Ognia, follow me .

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