Pole convicted in Sweden for the biggest cyberattack in history

The Swedish court issued a judgment in the case of Krzysztof H., which became loud in 2017. The severity of the judgment may surprise many people.

Krzysztof H. may have reason to be proud, at least in the criminal underworld. The Pole is responsible for organizing and conducting the largest cyber attack in the years 2015-2016 in the history of Sweden, as a result of which the amount of SEK 40 million has been extorted, ie over EUR 4 million. Unfortunately, the price for “pride” in this case is a long stay. The district court in Malmoe has just given a ruling in this case.

39-year-old Krzysztof H. was sentenced to 6.5 years of unconditional imprisonment. The court adjudicating in the case also issued judgments regarding other defendants earlier for complicity. Pole Grzegorz H. was sentenced to two years and nine months imprisonment, while Swede, Ulf J., who cooperates with Poles, will spend 3.5 years behind bars.

The convicted person is responsible for infecting computers with malware sent via email. Krzysztof H. was breaking into IT systems, stealing passwords, and then demanding a ransom in return for regaining access to databases. The goal of the Pole was among others IKEA, banks Swedbank and Ikano, as well as … the Lutheran Church of Sweden.

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