Measurement series: iPhone performance depending on the state of battery health

Maybe you remember to an article last week with which we drew your attention to the experiences of a Reddit user. This observed that the iPhone performance significantly reduced in a bad battery health. Now there is a series of measurements, which deals more intensively with the matter.

Measurement series: iPhone performance depending on the state of battery health

John Poole is the developer of the benchmark tool Geekbench. This is what we use in our iPhone tests (here ours iPhone X review ) to evaluate CPU performance.

Last week’s Reddit article prompted Poole to focus more on iPhone performance versus battery health. Does a new battery with an older iPhone ensure that not only the battery life, but also the iPhone performance increases? It seems so.

End of 2016 Apple starts an iPhone repair program for the iPhone 6S. Devices that shut down unexpectedly received a replacement battery. But not only that. With iOS 10.2.1 Apple took care of it on the software side as well, and it soon became clear that the problem of unexpected shutdown with iOS 10.2.1 was significantly improved ,

As it turns out, Apple throttles the performance of the devices when the battery is in poor health. So the sudden shutdown is cushioned. Of course, this also means that users may experience a throttled performance in their devices in their everyday life. While iOS 10.2.1 took care of the iPhone 6S, it now seems that iOS 11.2.0 has similar implications for the iPhone 7.

Developer Guilherme Rambo calls attention to powerd (Power Daemon) in this context – This technology has missed Apple iOS 10.2.1. This also ensures that the iPhone does not catch fire after thermal stress.

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