Galaxy Note 8 and S8: new battery problems can lead to total failure

After Apple just joined his 29-euro-Battery Exchange Program Samsung has to deal with the energy storage. Some users report that they can no longer charge their Galaxy Note 8 and S8 when the battery has completely discharged.

Again battery problems?

Samsung and the batteries – a chapter that quite with some depths in remembrance remains. After the Galaxy Note 7 due to faulty batteries with fire deposits made headlines, announces now the next problem. Complaints arose last week, which reported a charging problem with the Galaxy Note 8, which has since been confirmed by some Galaxy S8 Plus users.

If the battery drops to 0 percent, the smartphone refuses to charge the energy storage device. Neither a cable nor wireless charging, the affected devices can be powered from this point on energy. Samsung speaks Meanwhile, a very small number of devices affected by the behavior. However, one wants to comment on the topic only if the smartphones are available for review.

Sending or patience sample

Samsung recommends that all those affected send in the faulty devices. Alternatively could be loud Full Story the so-called “stack charging” lead to a success. If you connect the charger to the smartphone at intervals of 30 seconds for 10 to 15 seconds and plug it out again, enough energy could have been transferred after about 20 minutes or 100 attempts, so that the device can restart and the normal charging process can be initiated , However, this tedious process should only be used in emergencies, as it does not necessarily lead to success and does not protect against another total failure.

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