“Are you Sleeping?”: Apple is working on a new thriller series with Octavia Spence

Apple uses his Billion-TV budget for this year continues to focus on own productions. As Variety reported, is already the next candidate in the production queue at Apple. The new television series “Are you Sleeping?” Is based on Kathleen Barber’s novel of the same name, and is likely to revolve around a podcast that revives a murder case.

Another Apple series goes into production

Are you Sleeping? is in novel form in the US already a hit. Now Apple will dare on a film adaptation and receives support from the actress Octavia Spencer, which could already be known from films such as “Hidden Figures”, “The Help” or “The Shape of Water”.

The book deals with a mysterious murder of the father of a girl, but 13 years ago. Only a successful podcast ensures that the murder is back in the center of the daughter’s life.

Reese Witherspoon and Apple

The series version of “Are You Sleeping” was written by Nichelle Tramble Spellman and is produced by, among others Reese Witherspoons company “Hello Sunshine”. Witherspoon and Apple currently seem to be working together in general. So is already another series of and with the actress in production. The Morning Show drama does not yet have a name, but receives energetic support in the form of Jennifer Aniston.

The novel “Are You Sleeping” is currently only available in the original version. However, those who enjoy reading English books may already risk a taste of Apple’s intense thriller.

Are You Sleeping: An Endlessly Twisting Debut Psychological Thriller (English Edition)

Are You Sleeping: An Endlessly Twisting Debut Psychological Thriller (English Edition)

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