Apple Originals: New docu series will show us “the most extraordinary houses in the world”

Slowly, Apple’s TV series project is gaining momentum. At first you only took smaller shows, like Carpool karaoke In attack, you hear in recent weeks increasingly from major productions, such as Steven Spielbergs Amazing Stories , With the new documentary series “Home” one now seems to be taking a middle ground.

MTV Cribs meets the architecture magazine

Take a bit of MTV Cribs and season it with a focus on design and architecture – Done is the concept for Apple’s new original content series about the “most extraordinary houses in the world”. As Variety Apple’s new documentary series is intended to provide audiences with an “unprecedented insight into the most extraordinary homes in the world.” Not only are the houses in the center of attention, but the designers and architects of the buildings are also in the spotlight.

Apple has ordered 10 one-hour episodes of the new series produced by Altimeter Films. “Home” is a premiere for Apple. The production is the first documentary series ordered under the direction of the new video team.

Apple’s versatile TV program

It is striking how versatile Apple is with its original content ambitions. From Comedy shows , about drama – and Thriller series , to elaborate Sci-fi series Everything seems to be there. It gives the impression that Apple first reaches out to find out what is important to its audience. The former Sony executives Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg seem to have found exactly the right managers for this task. However, we are still waiting for the first fruits of the top team. So far there is no fixed date for one of the many new series. However, the first candidate should make it to the screens this year.

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