Apple has arrived in Hollywood: New office building in Culver City could become new TV headquarters

Apple is not only approaching Hollywood with its TV ambitions, it is also moving to Los Angeles. In fact, they rented a four-story building in Culver City, a suburb of Los Angeles. Apple’s original content team is likely to plan the next series for the big TV offensive here soon.

Source: Culver City Planning Department

Apple jumps in for HBO

The building, which is located on 8777 Washington Boulevard, was originally leased by HBO, but the television program provider resigned. As Variety The site covers an area of ​​almost 11,900 square meters, of which 418 square meters can be used for a retail space on the ground floor. The majority of the space is therefore available for offices. These will probably find the staff of Apple’s video content team place. Originally, Apple wanted this in the Culver Studios Hiring, but here Amazon was faster and could secure the, from a film view, historic place.

Culver City Mayor Thomas Small has confirmed to Variety that Apple will take HBO’s place. Rather, one is even glad that now Apple will rent the building. In addition, Apple also wants to rent a nearly 7,900 square meter campus on 5500 Jefferson Boulevard near Culver City.

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