Google has created a microscope that uses AR technology

This microscope can help in better detection of tumors.

In a speech delivered today at the annual meeting of the American Cancer Research Association (AACR), scientists from Google have described a prototype of an interesting microscope … using augmented reality technology (AR. This microscope could make it easier for doctors to diagnose patients.

The pathologists devote a lot of time to analyzing tissues and searching for traces of cancer – this is a time-consuming process. Google says that it could be less time consuming if you use the tools of deep learning. Nevertheless, in many places the application of artificial intelligence is not feasible. Nevertheless, the company believes that the microscope could enable groups with limited funds, working in small laboratories, clinics or in developing countries.

The microscope is an ordinary optical microscope, and pathologists around the world use such microscopes. Google has streamlined it by introducing artificial intelligence technology and augmented reality.

Neural networks were trained in the search for nerve cells in images of human tissue. After placing a slide containing a piece of human tissue on the microscope table, the same image that we can see through the eyepiece is transmitted to the computer. Then, artificial intelligence detects cancer cells in the tissue and marks them so that the investigator can see them in the eyepiece. Everything happens in real time, and quickly enough that it is effective even when the pathologist moves the slide to look at the new tissue section.

So far, the researchers have tested the possibilities of the microscope only on the example of breast and prostate cancer, showing that the system is quite accurate. The team claims, however, that it could be used for other cancers and even infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria.

Source: Google

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