Vodafone: order red iPhone 8 now – 120 Euro additional discount

From now on, the red iPhone 8 (Product) RED Special Edition comes with contract order from Vodafone , After Deutsche Telekom yesterday, Wednesday the order option had unlocked , the new model can now also be ordered from Vodafone.

Order Vodafone: red iPhone 8 now

Earlier this week, Apple had introduced the iPhone 8 (Product) RED and almost parallel to the purchase option via the Apple Online Store unlocked. With a slight delay, Vodafone is also taking orders for the new one iPhone 8 (Product) RED contrary. So you can not just get the iPhone 8 in Space Gray, Silver and Gold, but also order in red at the Dusseldorf company ,

At Vodafone you get that iPhone 8 (Product) RED in combination with the Red rates. In our eyes are particularly suitable the Red M and the Red L , For example, the Red L offers you a flat phone, an SMS flat, EU roaming and a data flat (8GB high speed volume with LTE Max). In addition, you can opt for a so-called “passport” and optionally use apps from the areas of chat, social, music or video, without the used up data volume is counted.

Order iPhone 8 with discount at Vodafone

Currently Vodafone offers the iPhone 8 (Product) RED with various discount promotions at. Let’s look again at the Red Lotto tariff. It currently offers you 10 percent online discount, 12x 14.50 euro promotional discount and 24x 5 euro discount on the monthly smartphone surcharge.

The iPhone 8 (Product) RED can be ordered in 64GB and 256GB memory sizes.

  • Click here for the iPhone 8 (Product) RED at Vodafone

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