The Polish Tower of Time game has abandoned Early Access

The Tower of Time – a Polish cRPG game, which is responsible for the Event Horizon studio, finally got its full premiere.

Early Access on the Steam platform finally left the Polish game called Tower of Time, which was available in its framework for nine months, which is slightly longer than expected by its creators. The full-fledged premiere of the title took place on April 12.

Tower of Time is a cRPG game set in a fantastic world standing on the edge of the apocalypse. You play it in a certain warrior, and then, along with the team, we go to the title tower, in which we can find a key to stop the destruction.

The production was created by an independent Event Horizon studio, having its headquarters in Gdynia. The studio is also a game publisher.

At the moment, Tower of Time has very positive reviews on Steam. So it looks like it’s worth trying out, especially since it costs only 89.95 PLN.

Source: Steam

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