Star Citizen for free for a limited time – play necessarily

Since the premiere of No Man’s Sky, Star Citizen seems to be the most controversial of the games that are still being made. Until tomorrow, each of you can play its alpha version for free.

Star Citizen is an ambitious space exploration game with an open world that, according to many people, will never be created. This title has been fueling the hearts and hopes of players for the best space game of all time for years. The Cloud Imperium Games studio responsible for its creation collected over 150 million dollars on the Kickstarter platform alone (!).

Citizen Star Alpha 3.1 is now available for free until Tuesday, April 17. It means that each of you can download it and form an opinion about it. If the game enters you, you can now buy the game and enjoy (or break your hands) over a very limited version of the game. Star citizen za darmoHow are the work on the game going? Well, slowly. Players have long since divided into camps of die-hard critics of the project, claiming that the project is the largest scam in the history of the video game industry and a bold attempt to jump players’ money. Those fiercely defending Cloud Imperium Games like mantras repeat that such an ambitious project has to wait a long time.

Similarly, the fans waiting for Duke Nuk Forever said, and when it ended – we all know. 😉

Only in 2017 Cloud Empire Games from various rebates on Star Citizen gained as much as 35 million dollars. Funds were raised to pay for the process of creating a game, over which the work has been going on for over 6 years.

The last way to obtain funds necessary to create projects was … sale of virtual plots in the game via Cloud Imperium Games. Yes, plots that still do not exist, in the game that is still being created and its playability still leaves much to be desired. Do you want to buy a piece of the planet in the virtual world? The prices are not low. For 50 dollars, you can buy a plot of land with an area of ​​2 square kilometers. By paying $ 100 you will receive 4 km 2 just for yourself – and so on. How can you use this virtual space? It is obvious. Nothing yet. What did you expect? 😉

Some time ago, Star Citizen published an hour-long movie presenting the game in Squadron 42 in the Pre-Alpha version. Squadron 42 is an independent one-man campaign for Star Citizen, which will be available in the second half of 2018.

Anyone of you still waiting for Star Citizen?

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