MagentaMobil tariffs: Telekom doubles data volume for MagentaEINS customers

Deutsche Telekom is significantly improving its MagentaMobil tariffs with a new MagentaEINS advantage. Customers get twice the high-speed volume for double surf fun. Here is all the information ,

New MagentaEIN advantage makes MagentaMobil tariffs even more attractive

It has been around a month since Deutsche Telekom won its Mobile tariff MagentaMobil XL presented with infinite data volume. Today, Telekom is upgrading the other tariff variants with a Neune MagentaEIN advantage.

MagentaEINS Customers who use a current MagentaMobil tariff receive double the volume of their booked tariff. This is done automatically and there are no additional costs. Fortunately, not only new customers benefit from the new MagentaEINS advantage, but also existing customers in the current MagentaMobil tariffs as well as young people under the age of 27 in all current MagentaMobil Young tariffs.

Specifically, this means: In the MagentaMobil S the included data volume increases with MagentaEINS from 2 GB to 4 GB and in the MagentaMobil M from 4 GB to 8 GB. Customers with a MagentaMobil L will receive 12 GB in the future instead of the previous 6 GB for 54.95 Euro. Of course, MagentaEINS customers will continue to receive the monthly price advantage of 10 euros, a landline flat rate to the mobile network and MagentaEINS StreamOn, with which they can stream unlimited music and videos in HD quality participating partners, without burdening the included data volume of the tariff.

The conversion of already existing customers will take place gradually until 4 May 2018, a booking is not required. In the customer center, customers can view their data volume and see if their contract has already been converted.

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