iOS 11.4 Beta 2 is here

Apple has just released the iOS 11.4 Beta 2. This is the next beta round and another pre-release version of the upcoming iOS update can be loaded and tested.

iOS 11.4 Beta 2

After releasing the iOS 11.4 Beta 1 in early April, Apple recently released the second beta for iOS 11.4. From now on, registered developers have the opportunity to install the new beta. The easiest way to do this is directly on the iOS device. However, the associated beta profile must be installed for this purpose.

With the beta 1 We have already got an insight on what Apple is focusing on iOS 11.4. AirPlay 2, news on iCloud and ClassKit serve as examples here. In addition, iOS 11.4 with the associated HomePod update will enable stereo pairing of the Apple speaker. Also AirPort Express could enable AirPlay 2 ,

At the moment it is still not clear what changes the iOS 11.4 Beta 2 will bring compared to Beta 1. As soon as these findings are available, we will post reports. We are currently at an early stage of beta to iOS 11.4. Before May you should not expect the release of the final version.

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