The Japanese are leading the world in the production of advanced robots and the development of artificial intelligence technology. Recently in an exclusive and world-famous Shibuya district in Tokyo, a 7-year-old boy received the right to permanent residence. And there would be nothing extraordinary about it, if it were not for the fact that it is a computer generated digital bot ( see here ).

However, the Japanese have gone even further and will soon be able to elect the first mayor in the democratic elections as a robot equipped with artificial intelligence.

Such a vision of the future of the city of Tama has Michihito Matsuda. The 44-year-old candidate will really only be a live robot avatar and his representative in the city office. He believes that artificial intelligence will be a much more perfect mayor and politician. It will not be corrupt, it will work efficiently and care for the population.

Matsuda’s election posters have been hung throughout the city. A futuristic android and election slogans explaining to residents of the city that robots and artificial intelligence are a good alternative, which will put an end to the wastefulness of politicians, has been placed on them.

Matsuda also ran for the mayor of the district in 2014, but then he failed to collect enough votes. This time he thinks that society has already grown up to a great revolution in politics that is possible thanks to AI.

Although analysts do not give him a big chance of winning, however, these choices should show us what is currently the attitude of the residents of the Land of the Rising Sun to robots and artificial intelligence. In the end, nowhere else in the world, people are not very friends there with the latest technological achievements.

Source: Grapee / Photo Tama AI Mayor / Twitter