Here are some free YouTube channels to help you learn how to program

]It is slowly getting me nervous to say that programming is the key to a better world.
If you do not have in-depth knowledge of how computers, internet and the rest of technology work, you will never be a good dev. This one should be interested, passionate, and not “sit down and learn to program in a week”.
Then I see a guy who does not understand the internet, browsers, file system, cache, but he learned to fire the IDE and write a loop and he wants to make serious projects.
There is already a flood of weak programmers on the market, because everybody magically becomes a “developer” after converting an introduction to angular or reacta, and then a man sits and has to dig deep into it, because the code quality is tragic, not to mention scalability.
From the bottom of my heart as a developer with many years of experience – if you want to learn to hope for better earnings, and the computer you have the concept that is Chrome and Excel, do not do it, because you will only fail.

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