Drone pilot “Apple Park could be declared a no-fly zone”

Duncan Sinfield may well be familiar to one or two readers of our blogs. The creator and drone pilot has regularly watched the construction of the Apple Park with his drone and regularly provided us with interesting videos. Duncan now assumes that Apple Park could be declared a no-fly zone.

Will Apple Park become a no-fly zone?

The creator Duncan Sinfield has released a new video, which will give us a current state of affairs for the construction of the Apple Park. The buildings are finished in the end and the work on the green areas are in full swing.

Much more interesting, however, is the comment that Sinfield has added to his video on YouTube.

This is a slightly longer video. It’s only a matter of time before the Apple Campus is declared a no-fly zone – with a geo-fence or something similar. In less than ten minutes, Apple’s security team tracked me down to my starting position in a Prius. My gut feeling is that with advanced radio frequency technology from companies like DeDrone (a San Francisco-based carrier), Apple is tracking all drone activity near the campus.

It goes without saying that I regularly comply with Apple’s request to land my drone and leave the area. They ask. every time I am an Apple employee. To all Apple employees: It’s better not to fly over the Apple Park with your drone.

It’s quite possible that Apple will sooner or later declare the Apple Park as a no-fly zone. For example, a virtual fence would be built around the site so that drones would not fly in. Drones receive regular updates on restricted flight areas to prevent entry.

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